Checkout this Valuable Time Saving Facebook List Secret

Shhh... Do you know the Facebook List Secret to Cultivating new Content? Biggest complaints I hear about Facebook are: “I don’t have time to find good content on Facebook!” Or “There is sooo much irrelevant stuff in my newsfeed” or “Where can I find GOOD content to share, follow and find without spending a TON of time?” Well, I have some good news for you! That should give you a powerful way to cut down on time looking for content from Facebook! Facebook launched “Interest Lists” on “the … [Read more...]

3 Strategies for Using Hashtags for Your Practice

With so much “noise” happening on social media these days sometimes you might think it difficult to have your message be heard or even wondering if anyone is listening to you.  Are you struggling to get more fans or followers?   Or perhaps you are looking for ways to connect with your customers online?  Or you just want to know how to keep them engaged (comments, retweeting, liking, and sharing)? If you are thinking “how does this help me get more customers?”  Here is your answer.  Social … [Read more...]

The 7 Steps to Build and Manage your Practice in 2014

So, many have been asking for more information on how to cultivate new growth in your practice.  Great question- thanks for asking!  And it is a good time of year to be planning to cultivate any new growth.  It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting in practice or if you have been in practice for a while, to get the best results, you will need to have a clearly developed plan.  I realize it’s not sexy, or very complicated, it isn’t a magic pill or button to push.  It just requires a little … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Go Mobile & Social on Facebook

New Research Shows 78% of U.S. Facebook Users are Mobile. This research from eMarketer indicates this trend will continue growing to over 150 million Americans by 2017! Let’s face it, how many times do you access your social networks on your phone?  (And before you say it, even if you aren’t, what is even more important is how many times your patients are!)  So, how can you ensure your Facebook page is optimized for mobile users?  Here are five quick tips to optimize your page for best … [Read more...]

Changes to Facebook Contests Make it Easier to Boost Activity on Pages

Changes to Facebook Contests Make it Easier to Boost Activity on Pages Hot off the presses! Facebook just updated its Page Terms so you can run CONTESTS on your page without a third party app! Now, if you’re not quite as excited about this as I am, let me explain.   This enables you to run promotions (contests, sweepstakes, competitions or drawings) on your PAGE wall! Not to worry if you have invested time in learning and apply the 3rd party app for contests, those are still … [Read more...]