How to Save Time and Money Purposefully Repurposing Content

What is our most expensive commodity?  Most would say time.  The BIGGEST objective I hear all the time about marketing from practitioners is coming up with content or more having content that drives traffic or engagement that still looks awesome.   And then the phone is ringing and your customers (patients) are walking through the door and there are medical reports that need to be completed and a blog post that needs to be written and a newsletter that needs to be emailed and, and, and… the list … [Read more...]

6 Easy Group Tactics for Social Marketing

Are you utilizing groups to effectively grow your practice?  Most are familiar with the groups that tend to go negative, am I right?  That is not what I am sharing here.  I’m giving you 6 tactics that actually produce sales.  What’s that you say - sales?  Yes, but this isn’t a promotional group; it means growing your tribe of followers that know you, like the way you share knowledge by having conversations and build mutual trust relationships that convert into sales! What kind of groups?  … [Read more...]

Checkout this Valuable Time Saving Facebook List Secret

Shhh... Do you know the Facebook List Secret to Cultivating new Content? Biggest complaints I hear about Facebook are: “I don’t have time to find good content on Facebook!” Or “There is sooo much irrelevant stuff in my newsfeed” or “Where can I find GOOD content to share, follow and find without spending a TON of time?” Well, I have some good news for you! That should give you a powerful way to cut down on time looking for content from Facebook! Facebook launched “Interest Lists” on “the … [Read more...]

Incomplete Sentences and Unspoken Words

I’m going to step out of my comfort zone a little with you to explain why knowing your ideal patient is important. I smiled this morning when I realized our house is full of incomplete sentences and unspoken words; let me explain. After 20 years of marriage I feel like we are very much in tune with one another. We are together 24/7 almost 365. We own a business together and are blessed to be able to work from home (that is when I’m, not traveling presenting or teaching and thankfully Brian, my … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Research Hashtags to Improve Your Social Engagement and Branding

What is a good hashtag to use?  Where can you go to see a listing of hashtags?  Are you using hashtags in your social updates?  If so, how are you using them to build social brand engagement? This week, Social Media Examiner shared blog 4 Ways to Improve Engagement with Hashtags.   They did a good job of some quick pointers for sure.   Some folks are still in the dark about hashtags and how to use them for their practices so the Social Media Examiner blog should be helpful.  One of the tips … [Read more...]