6 Easy Group Tactics for Social Marketing

Are you utilizing gSRB 6 Easy Group Tactics for SM Blog post imageroups to effectively grow your practice?  Most are familiar with the groups that tend to go negative, am I right?  That is not what I am sharing here.  I’m giving you 6 tactics that actually produce sales.  What’s that you say – sales?  Yes, but this isn’t a promotional group; it means growing your tribe of followers that know you, like the way you share knowledge by having conversations and build mutual trust relationships that convert into sales!

What kind of groups?  This could be Facebook, LinkedIn or even used to create a Group Board on Pinterest!  Yep, you heard me Pinterest.  Now, before we go down the path, due to Privacy Laws for individual practitioners, this isn’t necessarily for you to use in your practice with patients.  However, if you wanted to utilize these tactics for other purposes to market your practice there are some creative ways to utilize groups as well. How?  This may s-t-r-e-t-c-h some of you out of your comfort zone to create a  community group with other non-competitive business owners that share ideas, marketing tips, upcoming promotions, invite guest experts into the group to answer questions and take it off line to a LIVE meeting.  I know… what a concept!   There are specific platforms like MeetUp and others that offer this exact platform and by all means, apply these tactics for MeetUp as well!

The reason I mentioned Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, is because sometimes people are hesitant to join a group on another platform [MeetUp] and time management prohibits them from participating as much as if the group was on a social platform they are already on more frequently [Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest].  So,  I’m NOT discouraging you to have groups on other platforms, this is to give new ideas of ways you can utilize the group functions no matter what social platform you are using.  =-)

Hint:  Continuing Educators use groups as a REWARD or BONUS for people who take their courses to help answer questions!   

Now you might be thinking, “hey Stephanie, wouldn’t email to share ideas or Google Hangout be just as effective?”  I’m not saying to stop using emails.  Email marketing is AWESOME!  For interaction and group sharing emails can get lost or buried or worse yet ignored.  Google Hangouts are great for specific times for meetings and teachable moments; otherwise they have to watch replays.  Groups allow you to pin items to the top that need feedback just like pages.  Facebook groups for instance allow you to have a file of special docs, images, excel sheets, video files and more that people can reference and download.

They have a variety of security settings so they can be as public or private as you want.   People can jump into them whenever they are on the social platform (very convenient).    So, why can’t we do the same thing with our page?  Pages are great for sharing information to your specific targeted audience and prospects, but a group is generally made up of like-minded individuals who share a common goal and are focused, dedicated and driven to achieve that goal.   To delve into the differences and tactics for groups vs pages sounds like a great topic for another blog post.  =-)

Below are the 6 tactics to use group for marketing your business.

1.        Provide Value to Customers – create the group to reward your customers (not just followers) but people who have paid to do business with you.  There is always value in being able to get answers to questions quickly.  I use groups a lot to find answers to common questions especially for online and social media groups because the platforms are frequently updated.  I’ve paid to be a part of several groups over the years.  I find it very valuable!  You can include a link on your sales page or send emails inviting customers to join.

2.       Discuss Current Changes within an Industry – watch this one carefully, I’ve seen some topics go negative quickly.  Change can be a struggle for some people or even down right painful.  Keep the focus positive by reframing the conversation on the actions that need to be taken rather than limiting beliefs and uncontrollable ways you can no longer do.  Post it in the “instead of that now do this” type of phrasing.  For CE Providers and Educators these types of discussions can be around medical claim and insurance billing or it can be around ways best assist your techniques to help your customers get more patients.  It seems like lately there have been many government issues effecting massage therapists and chiropractors lately that groups have been an additional means of sharing knowledge and getting practitioners to take action.

3.       Create a Sharing Community – remember these are social platforms and this group, although started by you it really isn’t about you!  A group should be about its members and how the group can provide value for them.

4.       Involve your Brand Ambassadors – who are they?  They are your most LOYAL customers!  One of the best reasons to consider starting a group is to keep in touch with your biggest fans.  These folks are invaluable to building strong relationships and social groups allow your brand ambassadors to connect with each other.  For educators these may be those students who always ask the best questions and often send follow up questions in emails, want to share testimonials about how the technique changed their clients’ lives, etc… It helps to fulfill one of the 6 psychological reasons we all use social media – for recognition and validation.  It lets them shine and rewards the action takers and inspires others to apply.  There is nothing worse than providing a course and students have intensions of using it but never quite get going with it.

5.       Promote Events – I hesitate to list one because I’ve seen too many times this taken to the extreme!  That is why it is listed as #5 and not #1. =-)   A social group is really handy if you organize or promote lots of events.  Those who attend can use the group to network, share photos and exchange workshop notes.  I do caution that your primary goal is to provide value but if you have additional webinars, conference calls, live workshops that enhance their knowledge and training, groups are great because you have already identified a very specific targeted market of people who know, like and trust what you are offering.

6.       Building Lasting Bonds – If you have a very diverse team of people from working different locations in a city, a group can be a way to keep in touch with your team and promote company culture.  This is really helpful especially when you are a global business!  With today’s technology we are no longer limited to only doing business with those in our neighborhood or city.  As a speaker, CE Provider or Educator; you may have students from around the world, how nice would it be to add your recent students to a group to help answer follow up questions?

 I ran a little long with this post, but my BIG TAKEAWAY is there are many ways to use groups.  The most important part is finding a way to provide value for group members that will keep them active and participating in the discussion.

Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions on our SRB Solutions Facebook page.  Has your business set up a group?  Which platform did you choose?