Checkout this Valuable Time Saving Facebook List Secret

SRB Blog Facebook Secret about ListsShhh… Do you know the Facebook List Secret to Cultivating new Content?

Biggest complaints I hear about Facebook are: “I don’t have time to find good content on Facebook!” Or “There is sooo much irrelevant stuff in my newsfeed” or “Where can I find GOOD content to share, follow and find without spending a TON of time?”

Well, I have some good news for you! That should give you a powerful way to cut down on time looking for content from Facebook!
Facebook launched “Interest Lists” on “the QT” some time ago and for those of you who have been utilizing lists for organizing your friends, then you are going to REALLY love this new feature. Facebook lists allow users to include people (including non-friends) and pages!
A couple of things to keep in mind; once you follow a list you will only see a summary of the List’s recent posts in your main News Feed. To get the most of our List, you will need to visit it directly by clicking on the Interest List’s bookmark in your left hand side of your Facebook navigation (or home page).

Here is the BIG news… are you ready???

There is NO Edgeranker algorithm applied to Lists!! Yep, you heard it correctly!

For those of you that aren’t as “socially geeked out” as me let me explain this significance.
The cool thing is the creator of the List gets to decide two things:
1. Which PAGES & PEOPLE are included
2. What TYPES of posts are shown!

What does this mean? Well, for example you can create Lists to show only status, links, photos and/or videos and exclude all the other stuff like milestones, birthdays, liked pages, etc…

This means you can create your own list add the people or pages you want to see on a regular basis. You have quite a bit of power by creating your own list of people and pages you want to watch regularly for content, social updates, etc… AND you have control as to the type of posts you want opt see on the list.

You can ALSO follow the lists currently available. Facebook will automatically provide a list of suggestions based on your interests and how you have spent your time on Facebook. It also will give you the categories of other lists, the featured social influencers, how many followers and how many friends you have in in each list. This is a great way to track down your social influencers in your world and a way to search out new content, article links, and more.

How is this going to save you time? Well, you can jump on Facebook, go to your Interests Lists, scan through the updates from your Qualified Interest lists when you are searching for quality content and updates to share!
Access Facebook Lists or start creating your own list now here:

I didn’t see a lot of Chiropractic lists, but I did find many Massage Therapy Organizations and plenty of Food & Health Lists, political, child causes, and many more!

I hope if you haven’t done so already, you will utilize this cool tool to find great content for your posts in 2016. My final tactic, be sure to review the quality of the lists you choose to follow. By following quality Interest Lists you should greatly improve your Facebook experience. Let’s face it, nobody wants to follow a list that constantly promotional or irrelevant issues, topics and more on it. Therefore “with great power comes great responsibility” so choose wisely. =-)